Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And so it begins...

I am trying my hand at blogging...once upon a time in a life long ago, it seems, I actually enjoyed writing! Then life happened...teaching, master's degree, marriage, baby, new business, and so on. Recently, the desire to put my experiences into words has been reborn. I just want to share with myself and anyone who is willing to listen. Hopefully I can vent, entertain, teach, and share ideas that may not be far from others' thoughts as well.

Many people have asked my reasons for starting my retail business, All-American Baby. The reasons are many! When I took time off from teaching elementary school to raise my daughter, I found that being a mother is the most fulfilling job I could have ever imagined! I feel like my heart is walking around outside of my body each and every day! I want only the best for my daughter; the highest quality, safest products, whether they are toys, blankets or clothing. With recent safety concerns and recalls of toys and other children’s products, I found myself wanting to get “Back to Basics” for my daughter’s sake. I wanted her to have toys that would challenge her mind and encourage developmental growth (that’s my 15 years as a teacher coming out!). You remember from your childhood, the toys that don’t require batteries, but instead use imagination, creative thinking, and problem solving. I also wanted the quality and safety of these products to be unquestionable (that is definitely the mother in me!). These ideals became my beacon. At the same time, I have become even more aware of the importance of social responsibility, and the need to support our own nation, the workers, and the economy. Gone are the selfish days of my youth, replaced with a feeling of wanting to do my part, and an urgent need to protect not only my child, but other children as well. I searched and researched for products that I could feel good about sharing with my child, ones where I didn't have worry about the origins and the repercussions. My search for the perfect products was long and frustrating, and I wished for one place where I could find a variety of safe, American-made toys, and quality American-made baby products. So the idea for All-American Baby was born. I've done all the hard work! I’ve searched for and found everything you need for your baby and, clothing, skin-care products, blankets, diaper bags, books, bedding, furniture and accessories...All Made in the USA.

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