Monday, January 17, 2011

Flap Happy…Get Your Fun On!

Even here in the south we have had our share of cold weather and snow this season! It makes me long for spring already!  But in thinking about both spring and winter clothing, I want to share an American manufacturer called Flap Happy.  Flap Happy is well known for their popular summer floppy hats and flap hats (again, making me pine for the warm weather), but they have a winter collection as well, called Wee Winter Woolies!

 They have a cozy fleece Lindeburgh Cap that fits so perfectly with the recent cold weather, that I just have to share (don't worry, it comes in pink, too!).  These soft caps are perfect for babies and toddlers since they cover the neck and ears, and velcro under the chin, keeping little heads and ears snuggly warm. The hat stays on even the most active of little ones (we can vouch for that from personal experience).

But if you think Flap Happy is just about hats, think again! They have a great line of clothing that is bright, fun and practical…perfect for kids who love to play and moms who love cute clothes! Flap Happy’s little guy sets are the perfect blend of comfort and cute-ness. The girls’ clothes have bright funky prints in comfortable stretchy cotton.  We carry Flap Happy clothing in sizes 6 months to 4 years! 

And the best part…Flap Happy hats and clothing are proudly Made in the USA!

You can find Flap Happy hats and clothing at our retail store All-American Baby.

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