Tuesday, August 25, 2009

American-made for Baby

Wow, it has been so long since I posted...well for good reason! We have been blessed to add a sweet baby boy to our family, born in early April. I really didn't realize how hard it would be to juggle two children! Our daughter is such a Mama's girl, and she had a difficult time getting used to sharing my time with the new baby. She was sweet to him from the start, but she certainly took it out on me! Happily, things are much better now, and she absolutely adores her baby brother. And now that he is becoming so much more alert and interactive, he loves to watch her play!

Having the baby really renewed my passion for buying American-made products as often as possible. Although there will always be times that is is not practical, it is surprising how many items you can find that are Made in the USA if you are committed to looking past your local big box stores. I have found such wonderful, high quality products recently! I hope you will check out some of our new products in our online store. I am hoping to highlight a different product for you in each new blog.

One product that has been very popular in our store, and just recently I have been able to enjoy with my baby, is the Baby Barbell Rattle. These are the perfect size, shape and weigh for infants. They were developed by a Pediatric Therapist! The handle is small enough for the smallest baby to hold. They are extremely light weight (under 1 ounce), and have a soft soothing sound that does not startle the baby. Developmentally stimulating and balanced, it won’t twist the wrist of a newborn. And it is cleanable in the top rack of the dishwasher!

Here is the link to find them in our online store: http://www.all-americanbaby.net/babara.html

Well, baby is calling, so I will try to post more great products later. There are so many to share!

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