Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Twinkle Baby Bonding Dolls

A customer favorite in our store has been our Minkee Bonding Dolls. Made in the USA by Twinkle Baby, these soft toys are perfect for baby's first lovie. I had the opportunity finally to try them out first hand with my son, and I could immediately see why they have been such a popular item! Bonding is the intense attachment that develops between you and your baby. This bonding doll is designed to give babies the sense of being close to their mom and dad. This is how it works; Mom and Dad sleep with the doll for 2-3 days and the baby will then recognize their scent. This doll fosters a continuous parental bond with a sense of security. The bonding doll will soon be baby's favorite toy. And it is true! Our baby also gets very "grabby", and allowing him to hold onto this toy helps to calm and settle him (and saves my hair and skin!).

These Bonding Dolls (or bonding buddy as we call it for our little boy) can be found on our website at: The bonding dolls are also available in organic fabric! Adding a matching minkee baby hat and soft, plush minkee blanket makes a perfect new baby gift set...all made in the USA!

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