Monday, November 15, 2010

An American-made Holiday Challenge…Are you up to the Challenge?

Okay, I am the first to admit it; buying American can be difficult sometimes. And not just because it is hard to find American-made products… it can be especially challenging to stick with “made in the USA” when you have a 4-year-old who is very much into the “Princesses” and Little Ponies.  But every time I break down and buy a princess costume or a cheap plastic toy, I end up regretting it.  Not only because the junky toys end up all over my house (that's a whole different post on clutter and over-buying), but because every time she has it in her hands I have the creepy feeling that I want her to go and wash them.  And if her baby brother gets ahold of it…of course it goes right in his mouth, and I end up having to make it “disappear”.  What a waste! 
We are on a tight budget, and sometimes the American-made products can be a little more expensive than their imported counterparts.  But often there is such a huge difference in quality and safety!  I have so much more peace of mind when the kids are playing with toys that I know are safe.  Plus, when is the last time you heard a talking wood toy?  I love the quiet, imaginative play that occurs when the kids are engaged with toys that don’t blink or talk to them, or tell them how to play.  So much more development is going on when they are using their imaginations to create or role play.  Realistically, I know that I will end up purchasing some imported items this Christmas…really, foreign trade is a good thing! However, I saw some numbers that put it into perspective for me:  Last year the United States had $296 billion in imports from China, but only $69 billion in exports to China, according to the US-China Business Council at    So, wherever I can make the choice to buy American, I am going to make the effort.  Because it is not only about my own children; it is actually much bigger than that.  It is about supporting the companies, the workers and our nation as well.  Will you take the Challenge with me? 
Beginning today and continuing for several weeks, I will be highlighting some wonderful American-made Holiday gift ideas from American manufacturers, to give you the power of choice!  Many of these products are available on our retail website, All-American Baby, but I also plan to share some products that you might be able to find right on the shelves of your local stores!  Plus look for some great American-made Toy Giveaways in the coming weeks as well! Taking this American-made Holiday Challenge means that you will simply make the effort to buy more American-made products for holiday gifts.  It doesn’t mean you are boycotting imported goods!  So let’s make the effort, make the choice, and take the American-made Holiday Challenge!

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