Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dolls Made in the USA? Yes!

Since the darling Wordless Wednesday picture I took this morning included my daughter’s “best doll friend” (see my previous post), I thought I’d take a minute to tell you about it (I guess that makes it a not –so-wordless-Wednesday!).  Her doll “Alise” is a soft rag doll from Adorable Kinders…and guess what?? Yes, it is MADE IN THE USA!  It is very hard to find American-made dolls, so I was thrilled to come across Adorable Kinders a few years ago.  The quality of the dolls is really excellent, and my little toy tester has had hours of fun, tea parties and field trips with her friend Alise.  There are cute outfits to choose from as well to dress the dolls.  And the best part is (other than they are American-made!)…there is a doll for everyone!  Adorable Kinders has 26 dolls to choose from…one named for each letter of the alphabet, and each one is as individual as the child who will love it!  We have since added “Thomas” to our personal doll collection, and both my son and my daughter enjoy him as well!  Another fun aspect of the Adorable Kinders dolls is that each doll comes with an internet key-code that may be used to register online at the “Adorable Kinders eSchool”.  There children can play educational games that make learning fun.   You can find some of the Adorable Kinders dolls on our retail site All-American Baby.   The rest of the doll collection can be found at the Adorable Kinders website, along with loads of great clothing and accessories!

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