Thursday, December 9, 2010

If Motherhood was a paying job....I'd be fired!

Since this blog mostly promotes my business I don't often vent here.  But I'm sure others are feeling the same stress this time of year!  Well, yesterday I forgot to send my child's library book back to school.  So she had to watch all the other kids check out a book and didn't get one (keep in mind we are talking about 4 year olds).  And we were late for preschool today.  Again.  Okay, so I know it is just preschool, but isn't this supposed to help set a precedent and teach our children the importance of school so that they are off on the right foot?  Oh well.  Then, I was the last parent to send in that 5 feet of ribbon the teacher asked for (several times), and guess what I sent?  Old purple ribbon that had been in my craft box for about 5 years.  Hopefully they didn't mean Christmas ribbon.  Oh, and I sent my toddler to his MMO class with a teeny tiny fever.  Yes, I am now that parent.  When I was a teacher, it drove me crazy when parent sent their sick kid to school.   I mean, don't they care that the child (might) be sick?  Don't they notice?  Well, the shoe is on the other foot now.  He was acting normal, and if he had a fever it was very low...rules say anything over 100 degrees to keep them home.  (BTW, he had a fun time and was fine...just for the record).  But I felt guilty the whole time! 

Let's see, what else?  I forgot to RSVP to a birthday party and the mom had to chase me down in the hall to find out that we can't come.  I didn't reply to an email about my daughter's playdate, so that mom had to call to make sure I remembered.  I didn't get my niece a birthday gift and her birthday was Monday. We only have the lights on the tree and nothing else done.  Any Christmas shopping that can be done online is finished, otherwise I haven't started.  And that is just in the last 24 hours!  So, all of this doesn't seem that bad, but I was thinking that if I messed up this many times at a job, as small as the mistakes are, I would most likely be filing for unemployment! 

Luckily my current employer can be placated with a big sippy cup of milk and a snuggle.  And the other CEO I work for just wants someone to sit down and read Christmas stories with her and color pictures.  So, to make it up to my bosses, maybe tonight I will make some yummy (slice and bake) cookies and watch Rudolph.  Hmmm, maybe I'm not so bad at this job after all!


priest's wife said...

I think you need a hug!
We all need to sloooooow down and do a little every day. Right now, I am trying to do floor play with my big baby- just for 5 minutes a day- we have a lot of fun

Anonymous said...

I bet if you made a list of all the things you've accomplished, it's be much longer than this one! I saw myself in a lot of that list... the best guilt trigger was when I arrived at pre-school to find my son in the school's lost-n-found leftover pants that were two sizes too small.. he had an accident and I forgot to send extra clothes when I was supposed to the week prior... He survived and so did my guilt! Hang in there :-)

Kelly~ Wave of Life Surf Studio said...

I know how you feel- I am having one of those days!! Hi there~ I am your newest follower from the Friday blog hop! I would love it if you would stop by and return the love :)

Aimee said...

It is so stressful this time of year! Hang in there. Following you from the Friday hop-;-) I look forward to seeing more of your blog- follow me back at