Monday, December 20, 2010

Slowing Down to Enjoy the Season

I've been forced slow down the last few days.  Not for myself, but I've had two very sick children!  Baby boy has had a virus that had his fever spiking to 103 and Little Missy had the virus also, plus then she got pink eye just to make things more interesting!  Luckily everyone seems to be on the up-swing, but the one thing that this did was to make me slow down and pay attention to my family.  We've  been shut-ins for a few days, but we have made the most of it...staying in PJs until after lunch, finishing up on our decorating, reading Christmas stories, watching fun holiday movies, and just enjoying family time.  Yes, in the back of my mind I was counting down the shopping days and trying to figure out what is left to be done, but after a busy season with the business (yea!), it was nice to slow down.


MamaMac said...

Hi, I'm following you back from

That's neat we have so much in common! If you have any questions about the application process or about my hectic life as small business owner and phd student, definitely let me know!

Vic said...

oh i hate when the babes are fun! wishing them well and happy holidays:)

Sofia's Ideas said...

I wanted to come by and let you know that I'm back from hiatus so whenever you are ready, I hope you will come back over to Sofia's Ideas! :)

I see you're still on hiatus... I hope your lil' lovies are feeling better!!