Friday, December 3, 2010

Made in the USA goes Mainstream!

I saw the following article on this morning when I turned on my computer:

American-made Toys and Games on
 I was so excited to see the mainstream media finally paying attention to the importance of buying American-made toys!  And really it is not as hard as some people think to find Made in the USA.  You might have to give up some of the plastic, blinking light toys that talk, maybe even some of the television and movie characters, but in return you will get high-quality, SAFE and EDUCATIONAL toys.  Isn't that a pretty good trade?   I was happy to see some of the brands that we carry mentioned...Holgate and TAG toys to name a few, but there are so many more! Check out our All-American Holiday Gift Guide for even more Made in the USA toy ideas, and of course our website All-American Baby!

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